Documentation for 2.0.0

  • SimNIBS requires FreeSurfer (version 5.3.0 or newer) and FSL (version 5.0.5 or newer). Using SimNIBS to do field calculations based on the example dataset will work without them. However, they are needed in case you want to build your own head models from MR data.
  • We use Gmsh to visualize the head meshes and the results of the field calculations. When you are not familiar with Gmsh, you can start with this short introduction.
  • The generation of the tetrahedral head meshes from MRI data is described here.
  • Two tutorials describe how to plan and execute FEM-based field calculations by means of the GUI for TMS and tDCS. In addition, a description of the GUI is provided.
  • SimNIBS uses FreeSurfer and FSL BET to segment the head. The accuracy of these segmentations strongly depends on the MR sequences used to image the head. Some information on the sequences which we use can be found here.
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